Elevate public services.

You want to make the recovery from the pandemic fast, fair, and effective. Open Contracting Lift is our impact accelerator program to help teams of bold procurement reformers around the world to go further with their ideas and deliver change. How will you use open contracting to support an inclusive and effective recovery?

Open Contracting Lift is our program to help teams of bold procurement reformers around the globe propel their project ideas forward and deliver systemic change in a world still struggling with the fiscal, social, and personal challenges of COVID-19.

Your goal could be to use open contracting to support an inclusive and effective recovery by:

  • Expanding economic opportunity: boosting opportunities for women-, minority-owned or local businesses to participate in public procurement, or building the capacity of small, locally-owned businesses to compete and win government contracts.
  • Improving public services and infrastructure: stocking hospitals fairly with the best medicines and protective equipment, equipping public schools with the supplies and infrastructure they need to serve students and their families, higher quality public housing, or expanding access to affordable and green public transit.
  • Increasing government effectiveness and accountability: improving integrity through monitoring and advocacy, increasing competition and reducing sole sourcing, using data and insight for decision-making, or working more efficiently to reduce the cost of issuing public contracts.

We recognize that you may be struggling with less capacity or resources because of the pandemic. We are here to help.

Over 18 months, you will receive extensive, tailored support from leading experts and peers to deliver better goods, works, and services, and expand economic opportunity for everyone through new or better contracting strategies. We’ll help you transform your great idea into a strong plan for action, build buy-in, and strengthen your capacity during implementation. Teams will be eligible for up to $30,000 worth of direct support depending on team needs and progress, as well as 200 hours of technical assistance and support from OCP.

“Lift helped cut the learning curve. Of course we were starting to learn, but this program helped us learn faster. Plus, the political support and the technical assistance really helped us reach our milestones in terms of opening up the data.”

We want to hear your new ideas for using open contracting to support an inclusive and effective recovery. We know that your time is more valuable than ever - that is why we made the initial application short. Completing just ten questions could get you 200 hours of support!

For inspiration, check out how teams around the world have used Lift to help their reform projects go further, faster.

Why apply?

You want to contribute to a better and more inclusive recovery that serves the needs of marginalized or underrepresented communities. You recognize that shrinking government budgets mean that we must make the most out of every dollar. You see procurement as a lever to deliver better results.

“If you want to create more or better impact, this program is perfect.”

Propel your reform ambitions.

Get better results from your reform project. Create effective public contracting strategies that will help you achieve your ambitious goals.


Learn globally, change locally.

With 200 hours of technical support, you will get bespoke guidance on how to use public contracting to deliver better results. Learn about what works and which mistakes to avoid when building buy-in, using open data and implementing results-driven contracting strategies with vendors and stakeholders.


Join a community of reformers.

Connect with experienced peers who have led successful reforms and overcome similar challenges. Co-work with experts who can help you adapt proven solutions to your context. All applicants will be invited to join an online community to share progress and lessons with fellow practitioners.

“I would describe Lift as a great partnership, having someone there to back up your crazy idea. Someone who believes in your change, keeps you on track, and holds you accountable (in a good way!) to your own hypothesis and ideas.”

Who can apply?

You can be a government agency, civil society, media, academic or technology organization, or a social entrepreneur. You can also apply as a coalition of actors. Our strongest teams so far have brought together multiple actors across government agencies and across government and civil society.


Plans for impact from contracting.

Lift is open to teams working to improve the quality of public goods, works or services. You wish to serve your citizens better, engage more diverse vendors or help governments save time and money. You have a clear goal in mind and a problem that you are trying to solve—at the national, regional, city, or municipality level.


Projects with momentum, at all levels of maturity.

Teams can be working on projects at different stages of development. You could be embarking on a new initiative or working to refine and scale a piloted solution. Projects will need to show demonstrated support from senior leadership to qualify.


Teams who can drive change.

Lift is all about having the capacity to make your big idea a reality. Your team should include at least two key roles: someone who can build political support and someone who can navigate the procurement system. If your project requires expertise in a highly technical area, such as data or technology, you should also have a technical expert on your team. Lift is open to teams from any sector and most countries.


Teams who bring together allies in reform.

We require that Lift reform teams be cross-agency or cross-organizational. This is because we have seen that the strongest reform teams typically work together across sectors and across organizations.

See more about eligibility criteria

“This opportunity is for people who are reformers that are self-driven, not those expecting OCP to come in and do things for them - OCP is the good partner that stands next to you to push for changes.”