Why you should bother with user research for procurement reforms

User research is so essential that all our Lift teams wanted to learn more about it to better design their own reform plans. We’re sharing here our first Lift learning module on user research.

Good planning: the jet fuel to help procurement reform ideas ‘Lift’ off

We are sharing the materials we developed for LiftOff to help you think through the why, who, how and what of your own reform plans so that you can use them for your next project as well. Read more.

Announcing Lift Learning Circles: Share and learn from peers to put open contracting into practice

We’ve launched a series of learning circles, intensive online discussions focused around key themes such as advocacy, supplier engagement and using the Open Contracting Data Standard. Find out more

What’s next for contracting reform?

Insights from over 70 ideas to ‘Lift’ public procurement. Read more

Lift off: Take your contracting reforms to new heights to elevate public services

OCP's Deputy Executive Director Kathrin Frauscher explains why we're offering contracting practitioners more intensive support to propel their bold reform projects toward systemic change. Read more.

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