How the program works.

We are looking for all types of teams that have big ideas for using open contracting to support an inclusive and effective recovery from the pandemic. 

Teams will be selected through a competitive process. Up to seven teams will be selected. One-on-one support will be delivered in English, Spanish, French, or Russian. Group learning and some expert advice will be delivered in English only. Participating teams should have a working-level English proficiency to benefit from the Lift community offerings. 

The program has two parts. Check out the Lift Applicant Handbook for more details.

Part 1: Building Foundations
July to September 2021, 3 months

Teams transform their ideas into a detailed action plan, refine their plan based on stakeholder engagement, and build robust reform strategies for implementation and monitoring impact.

Part 2: Guiding Implementation
October to December 2022, 15 months

Teams receive hands-on, custom support as they build, test, and embed best contracting practices in their contexts, and monitor their impact.

What to expect.

  • Applications open: January 19
  • Informational webinars: February 
  • Applications close: March 12 
  • Finalists invited to submit full application, all others notified: April 19
  • Interviews: May/June 
  • Selected teams announced: June 
  • Liftoff Workshop to design/refine projects I: Early/Mid July, TBA
  • Building Foundations phase: July - September 2021 
  • Liftoff Workshop II to get ready for implementation: October 2021
  • Implementation phase: October 2021 - December 2022

Your commitment

Teams should be prepared to commit to:

In the application process

  • Completing a short, 10 question application to tell us about your reform project, team, and context. This application should take no more than 3 hours.
  • If you are selected to move forward, completing an additional application questionnaire to give us additional details on your project, team, and context. You may also be invited to participate in one round of interviews and to complete a short exercise. 

We want to help you put your best application together. Check out our application resources.

During the program

  • Most importantly, proactively work to achieve the project milestones in your plan. This means making weekly progress on your reform project that you create and refine during the Liftoff workshops.  
  • 4 day Liftoff workshop for 4 members of your team to kick off the program in July and an additional 4 day Liftoff workshop to jumpstart implementation in October. These workshops will be delivered either in-person or virtually, depending on the ability of the team to gather safely. 
  • Regular check-in calls with OCP program advisors every 2 weeks, with at least 1 team member from each participating department or organization on the call.   
  • Regular team working meetings, without OCP, to push forward your project. 
  • Developing and using a Monitoring, Learning, and Engagement (MEL) plan to adapt and track your reform progress.

The more progress you make, the more OCP can support you in terms of technical assistance and funding.